Specialist in Building Maintenance Services

HRC Resources’ core business is providing Total Facilities and Building services to customers who wish to outsource their building facilities operations & maintenance and focus in delivering their core business manufacturing or services.

HRC’s Facilities Team is supported by Mobile Service Team & Repair Team which consists of highly skilled and competent people who are specialist in their respective fields such as air conditioning, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, frequency converter and building automation systems from building maintenance to soft services.

Their Mobile Service Team provides external supports & specialist technical solutions to their local site facilities management team for maintenance, trouble shootings, repair & systems improvement of existing customers’ facility.

Being in Facilities Management business, with a large pool of resources including In-house Specialist, Strategic Partners/Consultants, Purchasing Team, Suppliers & Sub-Contractors, they are able to provide total solutions to facility needs and also help customers in sourcing for most of the material or supplies with competitive price.


HRC’s team of experienced facility management professionals offers a diverse range of services to suit individual client requirements. They strive to fully understand the business objectives of their clients. This will enable them to identify the critical items which will support their clients’ businesses.

Therefore, they offer specialist services to ensure that the right solutions are designed to achieve the desired outcomes for each client.

Their range of specialist services and technical expertise include:
 1 Mechanical Equipment and System Technology

-    Air Conditioning & Ventilation (ACSU, AHU, CRAC, Precision Air Cond)
-    Mechanical Equipment
-    Domestic Water Booster/Multi-stages Pump
-    Fire Protection Systems (Analog and Digital)
-    Utilities Line Hook-up -    Mechanical Works

2  Electrical Equipment and Systems Technology

-    Extra Low Voltage Equipment (CCTV, PA System, Landline and PABX)
-    Generator Set Servicing, Repair and New Installation up to 2,000 KVA
-    UPS Servicing, Maintenance, Repair and New Installation up to 500 KVA
-    Protection Relay Calibration, Testing and New Installation
-    LV and HT Troubleshooting, Servicing Shutdown, Repair and New Commissioning
-    Street Lighting Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance
-    Distribution Board/ Feeder Pillar Servicing, Troubleshooting and New Installation
-    AMF / Control Circuit repair, troubleshooting and testing
-    Integrated Security/Lighting/Wiring Systems and Drawing

 3 Building Technology Systems

-    Building Automation/Monitoring/Control Systems (BAS, BMS & BCS)
-    Variable Speed/Frequency Drives (VSD/VFD Danfoss, ABB or Siemens)
-    HVAC Control Products
-    Fire Alarm Systems
-    Integrated Security Systems

 4 Building Services

-    Building Maintenance (Standby Headcount)
-    Housekeeping (Cleaner Headcount and services)
-    Landscaping (Supply Plant, Trimming and Maintaining)
-    Pest Control/Hygiene (ULV Misting, Mite-box, Fogging and treatment)

5 Energy Management

HRC has a team of expertise who are specialized in Building Automation Systems (BAS) which is a control system that can measure, monitor, trend & control the critical equipment’s and major energy user equipment’s in order to implement energy management programs effectively.

The Building Automation Systems which we familiar with are Johnson Controls METASYS,


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