Attention seeker..Is it good or annoying?!

 Attention seeker can be define as a person behavior that attempting to attract attention from other people that normally have an overreacted attitude or behavior which makes people around them feel uncomfortable and distracted.

The causes that lead for attention seeking:

1. Jealousy where they feel insecure or find themselves threaten by another people around them who take all the attention from others.
2. Lack of self-esteem which some people think they are overlooked and so they think that the only solution to restore their balance is to bring back the lost attention.
3. Loneliness is the worst cause, as this will lead to an increased urge to seek attention from other people around them.
4. Narcissists where they considering the attention that they get is a good source so they struggling to get it.

Example attention seeker behavior:
1. Hysteria
2. Playing the victim
3. Being the indispensable
4. Pretending to be ill
5. Acting busy

Common reasons behind such behaviors:
1. Social Media Usage
2. Childhood Loneliness
3. Peer Pressure

How does attention seeker behavior affect you:
1. If you are the Victim – It creates Psychological Unease
2. If you are the attention seeker- Affects your energy level and social image.

How to deal with it?
1. If you are the Victim – play tactful
2 If you are the Seeker, work on your psyche

Getting an attention from others is good in social environment but overreacting on getting attention from others make’s people around us feels uncomfortable and might be will make other people distracted, sometimes it will make people feels annoying for the behavior. One strategy used to counter various types of attention-seeking behavior is planned ignoring.