Depression is it DANGEROUS??

More than 300 million people across the globe has commonly facing depression. What is depression? Depression can be best explain as a fairly common mood disorder, it will affected an individual's ability function day to day. The most complex condition has mental and physical symptoms which shows obviously in front of the normal people.

What are the common symptoms:

1) Persistant sadness where some of them will feels hopelessness that makes them feels difficult to face the life and difficult to see the good in life.
2) Self loathing where most of them will turn their misery inwards and always feels in doubt in everything that they do whether it is right or not. It will lead of worst frustration where their self esteem is very low. This is the most dangerous sign as this will lead to self harm and suicidal might occur.
3) Lost of interest in all activities where most of them will lost a focus that will lead all the tasks difficult to them and shows a negative self thought process.
4) Irritability and isolation where some of them maybe short tempered or seems too silent, it will lead them to isolate themself from others and no interest of making friendship with anyone around them.
5) Anxiety is where a person who consistantly have low self worth as an example they will might often worrying something in the worst way either in his or her personal things or their future. Most of them will feel they always fail for both.
6) Loss of energy is lead from the sadness where the person have insufficient sleep cause by the anxiety.
7) Disturbed sleep patterns where most of depression people will have an abnormal sleep patterns and most likely facing insomnia and consistantly awake in the middle of the night. Some of them will sleep more than normal hours and stay in bed in the longest time.
8) Loss weight and change in appetite and this is the common signs we can see from the depression people.
9) Reckless behaviour where they will acted using a harsh action that will lead to abuse issue, this is also very dangerous as it will give an impact to all people around them that might lead on killing a person.
10) Suicide is the worst action taken by the depression people as they think suicide will settle off their problem and they think that there is no hope anymore for them in this world. This is very dangerous as they will taken their life.

As we can see from the above we can conclude that depression is very dangerous and depression people might need help and special care from us. It is not easy for them to overcome the depression by her or himself and we as a people around them must pay more attention for them to avoid any worst issue occur in the future.

Thanks for the reading :)