Fresh grads staffs lack of skills! True or not??

True or not?? what is the answer??

Based on the expertise superiors or top management comments saying that most of the fresh grads staff has lack of skills and its true. Nowadays most of the freshies are really demanded on the salary but showing the work performance which have not meet the requirement by the company's.

Most of them did not performing as per expected by thier superior, lack of attitude and really hard to accept their mistake. Skills is really important in the working environment such as social skills, communication skills, ethics skills, public relation skills and learning skills is really important but most of the fresh grads staff did not understand on this.

Here we are not discussing on the experience where most of the organization do understand that the fresh grads have not much working experience as they are just grads from their studies. Some of them are really proud on their degree's or any higher certificate's that they hold until they don't realise that skills is much more important when they first enter to the working environment.

10 example of the lack of skills show by the fresh grads:

1. Really hard to follow instruction or guide from their supervisor or managers.
2. Lack of sense of respects to the seniors or elders.
3. Bad attitude and retaliate (misconduct behaviour)
4. Did not accept for any mistake.
5. Lack or learning skills.
6. Did not or dont want to understand which task to be prioritize.
7. Not organize and ignoring advice.
8. Always do their own ways instead of follow the right ways.
9. Really hard to accept critize and always think they are right.
10. Do not understand that technical working practice is different from the theories they learn during studies.

We are not saying that all fresh grads staff did not perform a good work performance, some of them yes did perform very well and have highly recommendation from the organization's but as i mention earlier most of them or some of them really lack of skills and need more development in their career future.

Hope all the fresh grads staffs out there will be aware on this and be more sensitive on the issues.

Thanks for your reading :)