2019 nCoV Wuhan Coronavirus - How to minimize the spread of infection with good hygiene practices

Practical Ways to Minimise the spread of Infections

qAvoid crowded environments
üThink about your destination;
üThe time of day that you visit;
üHow you will get there
üUse a face mask in crowded environments

qMeeting etiquettes
üChange face to face meetings to telephone / conference calls;
üThere is no need to shake hands with everyone;

qWorking location

üCould you work from home?
üDo you all need to sit in the same office together?
üDo you all need to sit at lunch together?

Practical Ways to Minimise the spread of Infections

q  Many infections are spread through contact with hands, good hand hygiene stops infection spreading;
q  Always wash your hands:
ü  After using public transport
ü  Before starting work;
ü  On leaving your work area;
ü  After handling any contaminated item or waste;
ü  After blowing your nose sneezing or coughing;
ü  Before putting on and after removing PPE;
ü  Before and after using the toilet;
ü  Before eating, drinking or food handling;
q  Keep fingernails clean and trimmed – no varnish;
q  No false nails or nail jewellery;
q  Cover any cuts or scratches with waterproof dressings;

What to do if you are ill or may have been exposed

DO NOT  come to work if you have any or all of these symptoms:
ü  Chills, shivering and a fever
ü  Onset of muscle aches or pains
ü  Sore throat
ü  Dry cough
ü  Trouble breathing
ü  Sneezing
ü  Stuffy/runny nose
ü  If you believe you or a family member may have been infected with the 2019-nCoV virus, seek medical help immediately and inform your line manager.
ü  Do not return to work until you (and/or your family member) have been given the all clear by a doctor and your return has been agreed by your manager. Please keep your line manager updated on your circumstances.


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